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The story of Icarus is told using interpretive dance. A father and son are in prison in a tower. A feather falls through the window, and gives the father an idea. He looks at the feather and at his son, and hatches a plan for escape. They empty their pillows of feathers, and using candle wax they make beautiful wings. They run through the castle and find a way out, and then it’s the moment of truth – the father launches his son into the sky and watches him fly over the castle and away. But he flies towards the sun, the candle wax melts and the feathers and the boy fall back to earth.
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22 March 2011

Classroom Ideas

Ask the class to watch the clip and as there is no narration, question the children to check their understanding of the events. The children could then use this story as a basis to write a newspaper report about a boy falling from the sky down to earth. Alternatively they could write a recount from the viewpoint of an onlooker who witnessed the event. The children would need to consider how people would feel and react if they witnessed this. The class could also be asked to explore the theme of confinement, characters and emotions. They could then write a dialogue for characters and develop a new story beginning, to place characters in the setting.

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