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Actor Adrian Lester demonstrates how to throw a realistic but safe punch in drama. He clearly explains his technique and each of the students mirror his actions. He also focuses on how to react to a punch realistically, demonstrating what not to do as well as the correct technique.
First broadcast:
4 June 2010

Classroom Ideas

Begin the session with the students working in pairs and doing some trust exercises, such as walking around obstacles whilst blindfolded, or falling into each others arms. Use the same ideas as in the clip for students to practise their punches and slaps. The teacher should demonstrate again after the clip to ensure health and safety is adhered to. Ask students to find a moment in 'Romeo and Juliet' when a punch or a slap could happen. Ask them to memorise the preceding line and the line afterwards, and attempt to add the punch or slap. Discuss action and reaction and the necessity of good timing. Discuss the difference between stage fighting and play fighting. Watch the moments the students have created with feedback focussed on the believability of them.

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