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Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and has a busy container port situated on the River Elbe, about 100km from the North Sea. Zoe is 9-years-old and lives and goes to school very near the River Elbe. Zoe discusses with her classmates the differences between Hamburg and a town they visited in England, and what they would show visiting English exchange pupils. The discussion is illustrated by images of the river, tunnels, river traffic and the port and harbour side with its warehouses and landing stages. Zoe and her friend experience the thrills of the famous ‘Hamburger Dom’ fair, and we see views of the famous Christmas market, plus the inland lakes and canals created by the damming of rivers Binnen and Alster.
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30 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

Prior to the lesson, children should explore where Hamburg is and what important features it has. Why do so many ships and containers pass through Hamburg? How does their school compare with ours? Investigate the features of the river and how it helps to bring trade in. How do their markets compare with ours? Discuss the different jobs that would need to be done in the harbour or on the boats. Inform the children of the jobs that need doing and then children could role-play the jobs and others could guess them. Then discuss what other jobs they have seen in the town and fair. They could then write a comparison between their parents jobs in this country and that of an adult in Hamburg.

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