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Lexie lives in Birmingham. She and her friend Navika are participating in media training for an online news service by and for schoolchildren. Lexie and Navika are close friends, and enjoy writing songs and singing. Both are learning to present video reports. We see them investigating a combined heat and power scheme that serves some of Birmingham's biggest buildings. Lexie lives with her Mum who has mobility problems, so she helps her around the house. Lexie's Mum feels her daughter has become more confident and articulate as a result of her reporter training.
First broadcast:
15 March 2010

Classroom Ideas

Working in small groups, the children could share information about their hobbies; what these entail, how long they have been doing them for. You could stress that if not a hobby then an interest or responsibility could be shared. Invite some feedback from the groups. Ask if anyone has learned something about someone else that they didn't know or were surprised about. In their groups again, the children could consider how they have developed as a person as a result of doing their hobby. Collect some suggestions from them and reflect on the benefits of having a hobby or interest. You could share yours. You could draw attention to caring as a responsibility that some children have in their families. How might being a young carer help us develop? If we know someone who is a young carer how might we support them?

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