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A montage on the theme of life cycles. Includes images of seed dispersal, eggs, bees, seedlings growing, eggs hatching, caterpillars, pupae, a calf, and a human baby. This clip has no narration.
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10 October 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip can help to introduce reproduction and life cycles. You could cover up the title and show the clip which comes without a comment and then ask the children what topic they think this might be about. Invite them to come up with a title for the clip and a short introductory text. You could stop the clip whenever animals are shown at early life stage, eg a caterpillar, pupae or a tadpole and ask the children if they know what animal they will turn into. Perhaps play the 'egg game' - show images of animals and ask the children to shout out "egg" whenever they see an animal which they think hatched from an egg.

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