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Akash and Arjun are two very different brothers. One enjoys doing homework and the other likes playing the electric guitar. The older, guitar loving brother gets rushed into hospital as he is very ill. The younger brother enters a competition which he has to write an essay for, the first price is a trip to Rome, somewhere the younger brother has always wanted to go to. They visit the older brother in hospital who is sullen and rude and throws the essay under the bed. They wonder how they can be brothers as they are so different but over time the two brothers realise they can help each other with their own interests and they become close. The family find out that the younger brother has won the competition and the older brother sells his guitar so his younger brother can go.
First broadcast:
23 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to open discussion about sibling rivalry and the difference in families perhaps as a circle time activity. Teachers may wish to ask pupils how this drama shows family conflict and what the roles of individuals are in this. Pupils may consider whether one child is favoured more than the other. This could lead to stimulus for writing activities.