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Presenter Grant Stott takes a look at the first steam-powered boat invented by William Symington. Symington adapted the steam engine that had been invented by James Watt. His first steam-powered boat sailed across Dalswinton Loch in Scotland. It travelled at 5 miles per hour. Improvements to the speed at which boats could travel made a big impact on trade.
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25 January 2000

Classroom Ideas

Children might use the steam railway clip as stimulus to investigate Britain’s role in the history of the steam locomotive in more detail. They might interview a local enthusiast, visit a railway museum or use other sources of information to do this. Children might consider the differences to the lives of people living alongside the railway with these higher speed and longer distance passenger trains. Children might investigate the possibilities that this opened up to industry and trade routes. They might also find out about what trains are still used today and compare technological advances.

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