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In 1914 Britain was attacked at home for the first time since 1066. German ships and U-boats began to bomb and torpedo coastal towns. Jeremy Paxman talks to a witness of the bombardment of Hartlepool who experienced the attack as a child. Several children died in attacks of coastal towns. Focus is on the shock and impact of the German bombardment of Hartlepool. Presenter narrative, modern report with contemporary footage. The incident is used to show the impact of the war on civilians in Britain. Contains scenes which may upset younger viewers. Teacher review prior to use in class is recommended.
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5 March 2014

Classroom Ideas

A target of developing evidence skills. The class consider the usefulness and limitations of the witness recollections, listing ideas for both aspects. This may be developed to discuss the issues of reliability of memories from a very long time ago. The need to balance and corroborate can also be developed based on the example.