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When the post arrives at the Panto House, the Ugly Sisters receive an invitation to Prince Charming and Princess Cinderella's Christmas Eve Ball. They look at the calendar and circle today's date - 6th June. They have a packet of seeds for the occasion: 'Grow Your Own Pumpkin Carriage – from seed to carriage in just 6 months'. They plant the seed and refer again to the calendar. Will it be ready in time for the ball?
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22 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

Knowing there has been an invite to the ball for the sisters on the 24th December, what day will it fall on this year? How about next year? What facts can the pupils share about the different months of the year and number of days in them? Watch the clip which shows that the seeds need to be grown in 14 weeks. Working back from the 24th December, can they calculate when it will have to be planted by? Watch the clip further. Using a calendar, can the children work out when the pumpkin carriage seed and Prince Charming seed should be planted? Look at a range of seed packets and determine when seeds are to be planted and will flower.

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