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Dr George McGavin is often out in the fields covered in mud. His passion for creepy crawlies leads him to some unusual places. He explains how some Scots words sum up how he feels after a long day searching for wildlife. Phrases which he can recall, include 'peelie wallie' and being found 'hae'in a guddle'. The eminent zoologist is never happier than when he is 'ha'en a keek' at nature.
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20 June 2011

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to explore the contrast between scientific and informal language registers. Students explore a list of scientific words connected to zoology, provided by the teacher, then watch the clip, attempting to collect all the dialect words referenced by the presenter. Students explore this second group of words and identify anything the words have in common with each other and in contrast to the list of scientific words. Students can discuss in what situations it might be appropriate to use each set of words.

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