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Archie and Charlie are twins with cerebral palsy. The twins have much in common and do things together. Archie explains how cerebral palsy affects him. He spends much of his time in a wheelchair, but crawls out of it to enjoy certain things such as gardening. He is unable to do things as quickly as others; it just takes time, especially when moving about. He does not need help academically and whilst he may look different, he does not feel different. He thinks he is the same, but on wheels. Archie plays wheelchair basketball, which gives him the chance to socialise, play with others and to be part of a team. Archie sees his coach as a role model who inspires him.
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29 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

Children could use this clip as a stimulus for a discussion about how disability is perceived and how such people may be treated. Children could explore the need to be part of a team and the benefits to self-esteem that can be gained through being able to join in. The clip could also be used to consider role models of different kinds as a means of inspiration and to discuss the role of friends.