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Script writers and directors of EastEnders explore their key considerations for effective script writing. The limitations of dialogue, the importance of stage directions and the use of images are exemplified with clips from episodes of EastEnders.

Some storylines are used to explore the nature and function of cliffhangers in soap operas. Script writers give practical advice on how to start in the industry.
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31 May 2012

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to convey to students the importance of knowing and loving the show you are writing for. Students could write up a one-page summary of why their favourite drama is the best. They could write a letter to the producer (actual if they can research this) of their favourite show, telling them why they are the number one fan of this show. Finally students could write the outline or a sample new scene for this existing TV or web based drama. Can they think of a creative way to bring their script idea to the attention of the production team? Will anybody dare send their ideas in to the real show?

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