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An introduction to data collection for surveys. The question is asked: "Are dogs the most popular pets?" By asking the right questions in a survey and gathering data it is possible to answer this question. In this particular survey, cats were found to be the most popular pets. A catchy song helps to carry and reinforce the key learning points.
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25 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip is a useful introduction to the design of data collection sheets in order to answer a particular question. This could be replicated in class by asking children to test the hypothesis that ‘apples are the most popular snack for morning break’. As a class they could then devise a table to collect the data and then gather and present the data in the same way as shown in the clip. They could also replicate the task of finding out if the data is the same with other samples by asking their parents about their favourite snack and generating another data set and displaying it.

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