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Beijing has a wide range of restaurants, each offering its own particular specialities. Beijing roast duck is a favourite, while Cantonese seafood is also immensely popular. The Chinese always extend their hospitality by inviting people to a lavish meal - it's not only a time for a good get-together over some tasty food, but it’s also an important way to build good business relationships. This clip covers vocabulary for ordering food including fried beans, prawns and roast duck and asking for the bill. It also covers seafood, chopsticks and being guests of Chinese hosts.
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4 November 2010

Classroom Ideas

Ask the students to write down how to order food and take orders in Chinese after watching the clip. Place three or four students in a group and ask them to practise their conversations. Students can pretend to be customers and waiters or waitresses in the restaurant, and order food using the same language structure as shown the clip. Ask different groups to come to the front to perform the scenario afterwards.