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Ike is an 11-year-old girl with many passions and interests. She loves the traditional Dutch architecture of her hometown and happily rides her bike around the streets, pointing out the canals and bridges.

Like many Dutch towns, Haarlem has traditional cheese shops and flower stalls. The Haarlem area is famous for flowers and bulbs, and Ike introduces us to a flower grower who is tending the bulbs in his fields and planting others in the bulb sheds to make sure he gets the best flower crops. Ike loves to dance in her spare time and we see her taking a street dance class at her local dance school. Her time is also spent taking care of a new addition, her Shetland pony, Billy.
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30 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

Children could identify the main forms of income and travel in this area. How do their shops compare with ours? Where is Haarlem? What continent is it a part of? Children can write a non-chronological report about the area, giving details of traditions, architecture and include pictures of its traditional architecture and shops.

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