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Kinderdijk is famous for its canals and windmills. There are nineteen windmills in Kinderdijk run by millers. Donna, a 9-year-old girl, cycles along the drainage canals to meet a couple of the last remaining millers in the region. They illustrate how the wind drives the sails on the windmill to grind the wheat and pump the water from the flat lands to prevent flooding. Donna and her family are in the process of restoring an old windmill to create their new home. She visits a restored windmill and points out artefacts that illustrate life in the past, including clogs and old ice-skates. Canal skating is one of her favourite things and is very popular in winter if it is cold enough for the canals to freeze.
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30 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

Children can look at how windmills help them to live. What is their main purpose? Why do people wear clogs? Where is Kinderijk and why do they have a problem with flooding? What is their main form of transport? What other European countries are there and how do they compare with the Netherlands? Children could create a European holiday database, giving details of currency, annual rainfall, average summer temperature, physical features, famous and historical places to visit and attractions. From this they could compare the amount of rainfall and the need to have windmills.

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