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Two children meet Curious Cat, an animated cat who asks them if they would like to find out how paper is made. The children see trees in a forest before visiting a paper mill. They meet an expert who shows them the processes involved including logs of wood being delivered from the forest, having their bark removed and being crushed to make pulp. In the lab, the children are shown how this pulp is turned into paper. They see the huge machinery and watch as the finished rolls of paper leave the production line. Later, they return to the classroom to tell Curious Cat what they have learnt.
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7 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip can be used as an introduction to materials and their uses. Pupils could write a report on how paper is made. This could provide a discussion point on how other materials are made. The clip could also be used as the start to an investigation - how many different uses can you find for paper? It could be used as a discussion point about recycling, sustainability and the rainforests. The pupils could create a campaign at school to use less paper or to recycle more. They could write persuasive letters to the school council or the headteachers.

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