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Jimmy is from a travelling family. Here we see how he settles into his new school - the 25th school he has attended. Jimmy shares his fears and prior experiences of school and talks quite openly about his inability to read or write due to the number of different schools he has been to. Jimmy shows how he has made a friend through the use of the buddy stop in school.
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17 January 2008

Classroom Ideas

Ask the children how many schools they have been to, giving any child who has attended several schools the opportunity to share their experiences if they wish. Ask the children to imagine moving schools 25 times. They could try to work out how frequently this would be in their school career. Referring to the clip, consider what the challenges are for Jimmy socially and with school work. Ask the children at what points during the school day a child new to the school is likely to feel most lonely and how Jimmy was helped with this at his new school. Revisiting any work on welcoming new children to the school, the children could devise practical suggestions for involving new children at playtime.

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