Section 11: War, Terror and Emergencies

Hostile Environments, High Risk Activities and Events


Any proposals to work in hostile environments, on high risk activities or high risk events must be referred to Head of Newsgathering and BBC Safety's High Risk Team. 

A 'hostile environment' is a country, region or specified area subject to war, insurrection, civil unrest, terrorism or extreme levels of crime, banditry or lawlessness, or public disorder.  It also includes areas with extreme climate or terrain.  The BBC keeps a list of hostile and dangerous environments on Gateway. 

'High risk activities' include criminal investigations involving covert surveillance or recording and/or confrontation of terrorists, serious criminal or extremist or violent political groups.

'High risk events' include riots, civil disturbance or extreme public disorder, terrorist or armed criminal incidents such as hijacking or sieges as well as any event involving chemical, biological or radiological (CBR) substances, outbreaks of serious diseases and pandemics, or extreme climatic events such as hurricanes, severe floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.