Section 2: Using the Guidelines

Principles and Practices


The Principles are the standards that all BBC output must meet, regardless of who makes it or where in the world it is broadcast.  (Note that the term 'broadcast' is used throughout the Guidelines to refer to the publishing of content by any means and on any platform - including television, radio, online, in print, or any other method of delivery.)

The Practices, which follow the Principles in each section, are based on the best practice of generations of programme makers; they are a framework for the considered editorial judgements needed when making our output. 

The Practices help meet the relevant editorial values and the Principles.  Some of the Practices are obligatory to ensure the BBC meets its legal and regulatory requirements.  Others are advisory rather than obligatory.  In all normal circumstances, they should be followed as well. 

There may be circumstances in which a decision not to follow an advisory practice might be justified and might not constitute a breach of the relevant Principle.  Anyone intending not to follow an advisory Practice should seek advice in advance from Director Editorial Policy and Standards.