Section 13: Re-use and Reversioning



The re-use, reversioning and making available of archive material must take account of any findings of breaches of editorial standards by the Editorial Complaints Unit, the Editorial Standards Committee of the BBC Trust or their predecessors, and of code breaches recorded by Ofcom or previous regulators.  Any proposal to re-use such material must be referred to the relevant senior editorial figure or, for independents, to the commissioning editor.  Referral must also be made to Editorial Policy.


When re-using television or radio content online or on demand, we should bear in mind that it may be subject to much greater scrutiny than when broadcast originally.  For example, it may be replayed repeatedly and, if content is published with searchable meta-data, even fleeting contributions can easily be located.

(See Guidance: Chapterisation)

Material which may have been appropriate for transmission in the UK may no longer be appropriate when it can be accessed online around the world.  For example, images of people suffering in a foreign war or disaster zone may cause unjustifiable distress to survivors in that country, or there may be safety concerns for contributors or reporters.

(See Section 13 Re-use and Reversioning: 13.4.7 and Section 7 Privacy: 7.4.44)

Mandatory Referrals