Section 7: Privacy

Tag-Along Raids


A tag-along raid is when we accompany police, customs, immigration, environmental health officers or other public authorities on operational duties.  We should only go on tag-along raids when there is a public interest and after careful consideration of editorial and legal issues including privacy, consent and trespass.

When we go on a tag-along raid on private property we should normally:

  • ensure people understand we are recording for the BBC
  • obtain consent from the legal occupier and stop recording if asked to do so
  • leave immediately if asked to do so by the owner, legal occupier or person acting with their authority.

Exceptions may include where we have reason to believe illegal or anti-social behaviour is being exposed, or another public interest will justify our continued recording or presence.

(See Section 7 Privacy: 7.4.5 and Section 6 Fairness, Contributors and Consent: 6.4.13 - 6.4.16)