Section 10: Politics, Public Policy and Polls

Reporting UK Political Parties


The UK has diverse political cultures in the different Nations and representation at Westminster is not the only basis for assessing relative political strength in a devolved structure.  Achieving due political impartiality, especially for network output, involves giving appropriate coverage to all the main political parties in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as those which stand for election across the whole UK.

(See Section 4 Impartiality: 4.4.3)


Particular care should be taken with the use of language in this context, for example avoiding phrases such as "the two main parties".  Specific party labels are normally preferable to general descriptions of "the opposition", except with phrases such as "the official opposition" or "the Leader of the Opposition" which have a formal and specific meaning at Westminster.  The descriptions "Shadow Minister" and "Shadow Cabinet" are reserved specifically for the main party of opposition at Westminster.

(See Guidance: Reporting the UK)