Section 17: Interacting with our Audiences



All audience interactivity must be conducted in a manner that is honest, fair and legal.  In particular:

  • Winners must always be genuine and never invented or pre-chosen
  • Interactive competitions and votes must be handled with rigorous care and integrity
  • Competitions, contests and votes must have clear rules, which must be made known as appropriate
  • Prizes must be described accurately, and be appropriate for the target audience
  • The audience must be made aware if the opportunity for interactivity is no longer available when content which includes interactivity is repeated, made available via an on-demand service or otherwise time shifted
  • Production values must not override these principles.


All BBC competitions, votes and awards on our publicly funded services must conform with the BBC's Code of Conduct for Competitions and Voting.

(See Appendix 2 online: Code of Conduct for Competitions and Voting)


When we offer interactivity to our audiences on our publicly funded channels, it must add public value and enhance our output in a way which fits our public service remit.  It must also be distinctive, have a clear editorial purpose and match the expectations of the likely audience.


We must respect the privacy of everyone who interacts with us and only collect personal information with their consent.


Audience interactivity on our publicly funded services must not act as a commercial service, cost a prohibitive amount to participate, or be designed to make a profit unless it is specifically set up and approved in advance as a method of raising money for a BBC charitable initiative.


On our publicly funded services, jointly organised competitions, donated prizes for a viewer, listener or online competition, and external funding of a prize, bursary or award, must conform to the Framework for Funding Prizes and Awards.

(See Appendix 4 online: Framework for Funding Prizes and Awards)


The BBC must maintain overall editorial control of interactivity when working in partnership with others.