Section 17: Interacting with our Audiences



Interactivity allows our audiences to engage with us in many different ways; from voting for a contestant who could win a life-changing opportunity, taking part in viewer, listener or online competitions, raising money for charity, or playing an online game, to contributing to radio phone-ins and even deciding which match to watch at Wimbledon or the ending to a popular series or drama.

Interactivity provides choice and gives opportunities to be heard, to participate and to create content.  We aim to offer it to everyone by using our different platforms in different ways, but we will not exclude viewers and listeners who choose not to interact.

Trust is the BBC's most important value and we must not undermine public trust in the BBC.  We will maintain an honest and open relationship with our audiences and we will not intentionally mislead them.  When the public engages with us through interactivity they will be treated with respect, honesty and fairness.

We must collect, store and dispose of their personal details securely and in accordance with the guidelines issued by Information Policy and Compliance.

(See Section 18 The Law: 18.11 and Section 7 Privacy: 7.4.45 - 7.4.54)

(See Guidance: Audience Interactivity)