Section 4: Impartiality

Drama, Entertainment and Culture


The audience expects artists, writers and entertainers to have scope for individual expression in drama, entertainment and culture.  The BBC is committed to offering it.  Where this covers matters of public policy, political or industrial controversy, or other 'controversial subjects', services should normally aim to reflect a broad range of the available perspectives over time.  Consideration should be given to the appropriate timeframe for reflecting those other perspectives and whether or not they need to be included in connected and signposted output taking account of the nature of the controversy and the subject matter.


A drama where a view of 'controversial subjects' is central to its purpose, must be clearly signposted to our audience.  Its excellence and insights must justify the platform offered.  It may be appropriate to offer alternative views in other connected and signposted output.  Advice is available from Editorial Policy.

(See Section 4 Impartiality: 4.4.25 - 4.4.28Section 3 Accuracy: 3.4.19 and Section 6 Fairness, Contributors and Consent: 6.4.29 - 6.4.30)