Section 6: Fairness, Contributors and Consent

Refusals to Take Part


Anyone has the right to refuse to contribute to our output and it is not always necessary to mention their refusal.  However, the refusal of an individual or an organisation to make a contribution should not be allowed to act as a veto on the appearance of other contributors holding different views, or on the output itself.

When our audience might reasonably expect to hear counter arguments or where an individual, viewpoint or organisation is not represented it may be appropriate to explain the absence, particularly if it would be unfair to the missing contributor not to do so.  This should be done in terms that are fair.  We should consider whether we can represent the missing contributor's views based on what we already know.

(See Section 7 Privacy: 7.4.30 - 7.4.32 and Section 4 Impartiality: 4.4.5 - 4.4.15 )