Section 6: Fairness, Contributors and Consent



The BBC strives to be fair to all - fair to those our output is about, fair to contributors, and fair to our audiences.  BBC content should be based on respect, openness and straight dealing.  We also have an obligation under the Ofcom Broadcasting Code to "avoid unjust or unfair treatment of individuals or organisations in programmes". (Rule 7.1, Ofcom Broadcasting Code)

Much of this section concerns the process of recruiting those who participate in or are otherwise involved in our content, and it should be considered alongside Section 7: Privacy - Privacy and Consent.

However, material inaccuracies in the way people are referred to, or featured, may risk causing unfairness.  This applies not just to factual output (for example when representing the views of, and information about, others), but also to drama portraying real people or organisations.  Consequently, this section of the Guidelines should also be read in conjunction with Section 3: Accuracy.