Section 15: Conflicts of Interest

Talent or Agent-owned Independent Production Companies


The involvement of talent or their agents in the ownership or senior management of independent production companies making content for the BBC must not cast doubt over the integrity, editorial judgements, or impartiality of any BBC output.

It is essential that the BBC is seen to be, and can demonstrate that it is, in overall editorial control of all aspects of the programme or content and has put in place appropriate measures to maintain editorial control.  BBC programmes must never be used as a vehicle to promote the commercial interests of talent or their agents.


Agents or their production companies should not be commissioned to produce factual programmes about the talent they represent.  Similarly, talent-owned independent production companies should not be commissioned to make BBC factual programmes where the talent is the subject matter of the programme or is featured in any significant way.

(See Guidance Conflicts of Interest)

In exceptional circumstances, it may not be possible to produce a programme about specific talent unless it is produced by an independent production company owned by that talent or an associated agent.  In such cases, proposals can only be considered if there is clear editorial justification.  The matter must be referred to the relevant divisional director and Director Editorial Policy and Standards.