Section 15: Conflicts of Interest

Personal Benefits


Under no circumstances should anyone working for the BBC receive personal benefits from suppliers or accept goods or services as inducements.

Any acceptance of hospitality from outside bodies or companies must be considered carefully to ensure it does not constitute a conflict of interest or otherwise undermine the BBC's integrity or impartiality.

Individuals must not accept personal benefits, or benefits for their family or close personal relations, from organisations or people with whom they might have dealings on the BBC's behalf.  Unacceptable personal benefits include goods, discounts, services, cash, loans, gratuities, or entertainment outside the normal scope of business hospitality.

Any exception to this must be referred to the relevant head of department, who should normally consult Editorial Policy, to establish whether accepting the offer constitutes a conflict of interest.

Even where there is no commercial contract and the recipient is not dealing with the outside organisation on behalf of the BBC and has not been paid to advertise or promote the goods or services, the use in BBC programmes of products of free or significantly reduced cost goods without prior approval could risk bringing the BBC and its programmes into serious disrepute.

(See Section 14 Editorial Integrity and Independence from External Interests: 14.4.14 - 14.4.18)