Appendix 5: Guidelines for BBC Commercial Services on Editorial Integrity and Independence from External Interests

Media Facility and Fact Finding Trips


Those working on News and Current Affairs content should not normally accept expenses paid trips unless they are the only way to cover a significant event.  We should also consider whether to make a contribution towards the cost. Any proposal to accept such an expenses paid trip must be referred to a senior editorial figure in Global News or the relevant senior manager.

Any proposal to accept such a facility or trip in non-news and current affairs areas must be referred to a senior editorial figure who must ensure the acceptance of such facilities do not compromise the BBC's reputation.

We must ensure that any reference in our content to any organisation which has facilitated a trip, is clearly editorially justified and that there is no element of promotion.

Staff working for BBC publications which review a range of services and facilities may seek assistance from travel providers such as tourist boards, airlines and hotels. However when seeking such assistance the BBC's editorial integrity and independence must not be compromised. In such cases:

  • there must be no assurances of coverage in exchange for such services.
  • information should be published on a range of travel suppliers and not just those who provided us with assistance.