Appendix 4: Framework for Funding Prizes and Awards

Principles for external funding of Prizes and Awards

A key principle of the BBC's Charter Renewal document Building Public Value was that the BBC would deliver the greatest public value through working in partnership with others. The BBC can often inspire and motivate audiences far more powerfully when it works with others.  A number of innovative programmes involve joining with suitable third parties to offer a unique life changing opportunity or bursary.

When running general knowledge, or other competitions on television, radio or online the BBC seeks to offer prizes and which are appropriate, attractive and suitable for the relevant audience. In achieving this, we aim to provide the very best value to the licence fee payer and in some cases we may accept modest donated prizes from a third party.

If we accept any donated prize or offer any opportunity, award or bursary which involves third party funding it is essential that its acceptance does not call into question the BBC's editorial integrity, objectivity or independence.

Money provided by a third party for a prize, bursary or award must not go into a BBC production budget or be used for production costs.

In any relationship with a third party to provide or help finance a prize or award the BBC must ensure that:-

  • Our editorial impartiality and integrity are not compromised and we retain editorial control of our output
  • Our choice of donors or partners is editorially justified and will not bring the BBC into disrepute
  • As far as possible,  we involve a range of third party donors or partners over time
  • We do not accept any prizes or third party funding of prizes in exchange for broadcast publicity
  • We do not promote or appear to endorse other organisations, products or services. Care must be taken to ensure any reference to the third party is editorially justified.