Appendix 4: Framework for Funding Prizes and Awards

Career and Life-enhancing opportunities


Programmes may enter into an arrangement with a third party to offer an opportunity or chance of a lifetime to winning contestants. For example a third party such as an entrepreneur may themselves put up money to invest in a business proposal - as in Dragon's Den. Or they may offer the winner a life changing career opportunity as in The Apprentice. Any such arrangement must be referred to Editorial Policy and no money from the third party may pass into a BBC production budget. It is important that any such programme is not a vehicle for promoting the third party's goods or services. Care must be taken to ensure that the chosen third party is appropriate and BBC Fair Trading should be consulted about the arrangements.

Educational, arts and sports bodies may also enter into partnership with the BBC to offer life enhancing opportunities as prizes for winners, such as the chance to take part in a cultural event.

The BBC's choice of partners when offering such opportunities must be editorially justified.

All such arrangements must be referred to Editorial Policy.  Editorial Policy will ensure BBC Fair Trading is consulted, where such arrangements involve commercial third parties and in other cases where appropriate.