Appendix 4: Framework for Funding Prizes and Awards

Bursaries for BBC Awards


The BBC sometimes mounts special award ceremonies at outside venues for some of the key awards offered by the BBC such as BBC Sports Personality of the YearYoung Musician of the Year or the Radio 3 World Music Awards. In some cases, the costs of mounting the award ceremony may be supplemented by outside sponsorship to defray the cost to the licence fee payer of mounting such a big outside event. No sponsorship money may be used for any broadcast costs and the sponsor is not involved with running the competition or in any decisions as to who receives awards. An individual award at the ceremony may also be sponsored, but again the sponsor will have no say over who wins the award.

In some cases, the sponsor, or a charitable trust, may finance a bursary for the overall winners or the winner of a specific award.  Winners may apply for such a bursary after they have won their award. The BBC will be in charge of the process of giving out these bursaries against published criteria. Bursaries are only offered for clear public service reasons to enable the recipients to undertake suitable activities such as service to the community or artistic or musical studies. Arrangements should be referred to BBC Editorial Policy and BBC regulatory lawyers.

Care must be taken to avoice giving undue prominence to the sponsor or donor.  All credits for the sponsor or donor must be in line with BBC Editorial Guidelines and must be agreed in advance with Editorial Policy.