Appendix 4: Framework for Funding Prizes and Awards



Clause 75(5)(e) of the Agreement of 30th June 2006 between the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and the BBC ("the Framework Agreement") requires the approval of a framework by the BBC Trust setting out the criteria according to which it is appropriate for BBC television, radio or online services ("BBC Services"), funded by the licence fee, to be partially funded by certain alternative means of finance.  The means of finance which must be addressed by the framework are funds derived from competition prizes and other awards made available or funded by any one or more third parties.

This document constitutes the framework, approved by the BBC Trust, which addresses the means of finance set out above and sets out the principles which must be taken into account when supplementing licence fee funding with such funds from third parties.

Chapter 17 of the BBC Editorial Guidelines states the BBC's existing policy in this area. This framework is based on these guidelines and the BBC's practice in this area over many years. It applies to all BBC licence fee funded television, radio and online services

This document was first published in 2007, and referred to Chapter 15 of the 2005 Editorial Guidelines.  That has been superseded by Section 17 of the 2010 Editorial Guidelines.