Preface: The Role of the Interactive Technical Advice and Contracts Unit (ITACU)

The BBC has a specialist unit to provide advice on all technical aspects of running a competition, vote or award and any other uses of Premium Rate Telephony. The Interactive Technical Advice and Contracts Unit (ITACU) oversees the delivery, management and contracting of all BBC's Premium Rate Telephony and other telephony relating to voting and competitions for all programmes, both independent and in-house, across all divisions and output.

The unit is based in FM&T but it serves the whole BBC. It advises on fixed line and mobile telephony, red button, and also will advise on online voting and competitions where there is also a telephony method of voting or entry. It is an essential part of ensuring that the BBC can continue to offer its audiences innovative interactivity which complies with new tougher industry regulations.

The ITACU team has specialist staff who have an extensive background in the telecoms industry and an in-depth knowledge of technical systems, contracts, service provision, mobile and data retention.

ITACU also provides business affairs and legal advice, with referrals where appropriate to Programme Legal Advice and Divisional Business Affairs teams.

ITACU will provide programme teams with terms and conditions for competitions and voting; carry out tenders and award contracts for service providers and verify their processes; select and contract third party verifiers; act as a repository for all relevant documentation associated with competitions, votes and awards which use telephony and all of the BBC's use of Premium Rate telephony and facilitate regular audits of the BBC uses of all such interactivity.

The unit does not offer editorial advice: Editorial Policy should be consulted for all editorial queries; ITACU liaises closely with Editorial Policy.

Sign off by ITACU is a mandatory part of any proposal to use Premium Rate Telephony. Further details about ITACU can be found here: (Link only available to internal BBC users).