Westminster Parliamentary Broadcasting - Rules of Coverage

Annex 3: Guidelines for the Use of Archive Material for Non-Broadcast Purposes

Archive material should not be used in any way likely to lower the dignity or damage the reputation of the House, or of any individual Member.

a) Archive material should not be used in any way which infringes the legitimate rights of individual Members, in particular by purporting, without their authority, to enlist their support for, or endorsement of, any product, organisation, cause or political party;

b) That, in the case of compilations or summaries of proceedings distributed in video- or audio-cassette form, there may be no internal editing of extracts such as to distort the timing of events or the meaning of any words spoken; that there should be a clear indication of subject and time changes; and that due regard must be had to the requirements of political balance;

c) That no archive material should be used in any form of advertising or publicity.