Conflicts of Interest


The BBC's reputation for impartiality and objectivity is crucial. The public must be able to trust the integrity of BBC programmes and services. Our audiences need to be confident that the BBC's editorial decisions are not influenced by the outside activities or personal or commercial interests of programme makers or those who appear on air.

Conflicts of interest can arise for anyone who is responsible for BBC content or for producing or arranging BBC programmes, websites, services or associated activities. Presenters, reporters, producers, production managers, editors and researchers all need to be conscious of this. The BBC should be satisfied that everyone involved in editorial decisions and programme making is free from inappropriate outside commitments. This applies equally to freelances as well as staff. It is also important that independent producers should not have any interests which could undermine the integrity and impartiality of the output they produce for the BBC. In some circumstances, it may also be appropriate to consider whether the position of families and close personal contacts presents a likely conflict of interest.

The outside activities and interests of on-air talent need very careful consideration, particularly in relation to outside writing commitments, public appearances, endorsements of organisations and commercial advertising.

(See Editorial Guidelines Section 15 Conflicts of Interest: Introduction)