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28 October 2014

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Drama Quizzes
Keep yourself amused with our vast array of quick quizzes.

  All's Fair..
  Have you followed the ups and downs of drama love?

  Need a Hero?
  Can you give drama heroes the credit they're entitled to?

  Working 9 to 5
  Is it hard work to recall drama jobs and workplaces?

  Exit, Stage Right
  Do you remember the tragic exits of much-loved drama characters?

  Danger, Danger!
  What do you know about the hazardous occupations of drama characters?

  Stars Earning Their Stripes
  How much do you know about the careers of U.S. drama stars?

  Murder Most Horrid
  Have you caught up with those involved in drama murders?

  Regrets? I've Had a Few...
  How much do you know about the drama regrets worthy of a mention?

  Drama Fit for Kings
  What do you know about drama's royal and titled characters?

  History Lessons
  How much do you know about dramas featuring defining moments in history?

  Familiar Faces
  Do you have the facts about the stars who pop up again and again?

  Strictly Confidential
  How much do you know about well-kept drama secrets?

  For Better, For Worse
  Do you have the inside story on drama marriages?

  Hold the Front Page
  How much do you know about the most controversial dramas?

  Drama Villains
  Boo hiss - How well do you know the dastardly drama villains?

  Drama Sisters
  Are you an authority on drama's devoted sisters?

  Political Animal
  How much do you know about political drama and its stars?

  Natural Born Leaders
  Test your grasp of drama's more authoritarian figures.

  Location, Location, Location
  Navigate your way through drama locations - do you know where it's at?

  Star-Crossed Lovers
  Test your knowledge of drama's most on/off couples.

  "By Andrew Davies"
  How much do you know about dramas from our most prolific screenwriter?

  Crime and Retribution
  From murderers to mystery guests, test what you know about TV criminals.

  Who's the Daddy?
  How much do you know about drama's patriarchs?

  Regional Drama
  Test your knowledge of BBC dramas set in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

  Eastern Promise
  How much do you know about Asian screen stars?

  Down South
  From Cockneys to cucumber sandwiches, test yourself on southern drama.

  Go West
  Do you know about acting clan Prunella Scales, Timothy West and Samuel West?

  Up North
  Are you an expert on dramas set north of the Watford Gap?

  Acting Talent
  How much do you know about modern British acting talent?

  1970's Drama
   Test your knowledge of the drama decade of flares, glam rock and punk.

  "Lights, Camera,..."
  How much do you know about the stars who juggle television and film careers?

  American Dream
  How much do you know about American drama past and present?

  Pauline Quirke
  Are you an expert when it comes to the star of Being April?

  Drama Jobs
  Who does what for a living in drama land?

  War Dramas
  Do battle with the quiz about BBC war dramas.

  Pride and Prejudice
  How much do you know about the dashing Mr Darcy?

  Cops on the Box
  See if you can solve our TV detective teasers.

  The Beautiful Game
  Find out how you score with our football drama challenge!

  Narnia and Beyond
  How much do you remember about classic kids dramas?

  Drama Mums
  Test yourself with ten quick questions about mums in BBC Drama!

  1990s Drama
  How much do you remember about end of the century drama?

  The Spying Game
  Find out if you're a master of espionage with our quiz about TV spies.

  What The Dickens?
  Are you an expert when it comes to TV adaptations of Charles Dickens books?

  Drama Girls
  How much do you know about drama's leading ladies?

  Drama Boys
  Test your knowledge of drama's leading men with our actors quiz.

  1980s Drama
  What do you remember from the era of yuppies and shoulder pads?

  Docs on the Box
  Are you up to scratch when it comes to medicine men and women in TV drama?

  Playing It Straight
  Which comedians and comic actors have crossed over to serious drama?

  Life After Soap
  Where do actors go when they leave soaps?

  Classic Detectives
  Get on the case and prove how much you know about TV cops from the past!

  Drama Favourites
  Ten questions about popular drama past and present.

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