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24 September 2014

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Pascoe & Dalziel (Colin Buchanan & Warren Clarke)

The unlikely partnership of politically incorrect Dalziel and his more sensitive and intellectual sidekick Pascoe has won the series millions of viewers.

Set in the fictional Yorkshire town of Wetherton, the duo is always on hand to solve the classic murder mystery, while maintaining a down to earth wit and humour.

Stars Warren Clarke (Dalziel), Colin Buchanan (Pascoe) and Jennifer James (Kim 'Posh' Spicer) reflect on the show's success.

Actor Colin Buchanan cannot quite put his finger on the secret of its continuing success, but admits: "The relationship between Warren and I just works. We get on well off screen and our chemistry - if that's the right word - transfers onto screen.

"The films are of a consistently high standard. It's quality drama and this in turn attracts great talent to come and appear in the series."

Warren adds: "When we were cast as Dalziel and Pascoe I hoped that Colin and I would become friends, and we have. We've also grown into the roles over the years, so we fit them very well which all adds to the success of the series."

Warren loves playing the larger than life, nose-picking Dalziel, but his biggest bug-bear on and off screen is the pronunciation of his character's name. "No-one can pronounce it properly," he laughs: "He gets called Dal-zeel, Dalzel, and I have even been called Dempsey from the eighties cop series Dempsey and Makepeace by a Brummie cab driver!"

Just for the record, it is pronounced Dee-el, in case you ever bump into Warren and don't wish to upset him!

Kim 'Posh' Spicer (Jennifer James )

Jennifer says her character is great fun to play: "She's very good at her job, enjoys life, is fun loving and not afraid to speak her mind. Sometimes, she can be too outspoken for her own good though, as viewers will see as the series unfolds."

With the production team based at BBC Birmingham's television drama village at the University of Birmingham, Warren likes returning to the area for filming as he says the people in the Midlands are "so friendly", while Colin has taken it a step further and made Birmingham his home.

He's even a season ticket holder at Birmingham City Football Club and admits he is prone to mood swings depending on his team's results. "The crew checks the fixture list when we're filming to see what kind of mood I'll be in when I come on set," he laughs. "If the Blues have won I think they must all give a huge sigh of relief as they know I'll be in a good mood. But beware if we have lost!"

The Books

Dalziel and Pascoe is based on the novels of writer Reginald Hill. They were first introduced to the public in the 1970 novel A Clubbable Woman.  Since then the duo have appeared in 19 further books.


•  Royal Television Society Birmingham Award for Best Drama:
Series 1, Episode 2: The Advancement of Learning

•  Royal Television Society Craft Awards 1999 for Best Film and Tape Editing: Series 3, Episode 3: Bones and Silence

•  Royal Television Society Award for Best Drama 2003: Christmas Special: Dialogues Of The Dead

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