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28 October 2014

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Canterbury Tales

Nick (James Nesbitt) and Alison (Billie Piper)

Julie Walters, James Nesbitt, Billie Piper, John Simm, Keeley Hawes and Dennis Waterman lead an all-star cast in a modern re-telling of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales.

The Wife of Bath, adapted by Sally Wainwright

Beth Craddock (Julie Walters)

Fifty-three-year-old Beth Craddock (Julie Walters) is a successful television actress who still believes in Mr Right, despite a number of failed marriages behind her. When her husband of 16 years leaves her for another woman, she finds comfort in the arms of her 22-year-old co-star Jerome (Paul Nicholls). They fall passionately in love, but behind the smiles the pressures of their age difference are never far away.

The Miller's Tale, adapted by Peter Bowker

John (Dennis Waterman) runs a pub in suburban Kent. He hosts a regular Karaoke night, where his much younger wife Alison (Billie Piper) is queen bee. One night a smooth talking stranger, Nick (James Nesbitt), arrives claiming to be a talent scout and declaring that Alison has what it takes to be a star. Alison is drawn to him by the promise of fame, but his motives aren't quite what they seem.

The Knight's Tale, adapted by Tony Marchant

Ace (John Simm)

Ace (John Simm) and Paul (Chiwetel Ejiofor) are two young prisoners who've been friends since childhood. When they fall in love with the same woman, Emily (Keeley Hawes), a teacher at the prison, their friendship is torn apart and they become bitter enemies. When Ace has served his sentence, both become consumed with bitter jealousy - each thinking that the other will be closer to Emily. And when Paul escapes from jail, events hurtle towards a tragic conclusion.

The Sea Captain's Tale, adapted by Avie Luthra

A film noir set in the Asian community of Gravesend. Jetender (Om Puri) is a wealthy money-lender and importer/exporter: an Asian 'Godfather' figure to his community. He goes into business with the young Pushpinder (Nitin Ganatra), who falls in love with Jetender's beautiful and extravagant wife, Meena (Indira Varma). Meena claims that Jetender is a tyrant who makes her life hell. Pushpinder and Meena begin a passionate affair and Pushpinder borrows money for Meena from her husband. Slowly, though, Pushpinder starts to learn the truth about Meena and her manipulative, lying ways.

The Pardoner's Tale, adapted by Tony Grounds

Arty (Jonny Lee Miller)

The local community of Rochester, still in shock after a girl was raped and murdered the previous year, launch a search for missing teenager, Amy. Arty (Jonny Lee Miller), Colin and Baz are three unemployed drunken wasters who try to cash in on the search, falsely starting a collection for all the volunteers. But their greed and treatment of a girl called Kitty, who's desperate to find the missing Amy, proves to be their downfall.

The Man of Law's Tale, adapted by Olivia Hetreed

Alan (Andrew Lincoln)

Constance (Nikki Amuka-Bird) is a Nigerian refugee found on a small boat in the Chatham docks by a couple, Mark and Nicky, who take her in. A devout Christian, Constance, cannot remember what has happened to her. At church a young man, Terry, falls for her. But the feelings are not mutual, as Constance is falling in love with Mark's boss, Alan (Andrew Lincoln). When Constance rejects Terry's physical advances, his violent revenge has tragic consequences for all involved.


Julie Walters
Beth Craddock
Paul Nicholls
Dennis Waterman
Billie Piper
James Nesbitt
John Simm
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Keely Hawes
Om Puri
Nitin Ganatra
Indira Varma
John Simm
Nikki Amuka-Bird
Andrew Lincoln

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