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28 October 2014

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Esther and Ada

Young orphan Esther Summerson is brought to the High Court...

Episode 2

Krook and Mrs Flite

Tulkinghorn and Krook call out the doctor...

Episode 3

Mr Turveydrop

Ada confides in Esther that she and Richard are in love...

Episode 4

Mr Jarndyce

Jarndyce takes Esther and Ada to visit his friend, Mr Boythorn, in the Leicestershire countryside...

Episode 5

Sergeant George

Richard puts further strain on his relationship with Jarndyce...

Episode 6


George meets Tulkinghorn to discuss his demands, but is suspicious of the lawyer's motives...

Episode 7


The residents of Bleak House search for Jo, who's disappeared during the night...

Episode 8

Lady Dedlock and Esther

Esther admits to Jarndyce that she's given up hope of a relationship with Woodcourt...

Episode 9

Lady Dedlock

Esther's in shock following Lady Dedlock's amazing confession...

Episode 10


Tulkinghorn believes Lady Dedlock is in his power...

Episode 11


Vholes pays a visit to Bleak House to appeal to Jarndyce's generosity...

Episode 12


Clamb discovers Tulkinghorn's body. Bucket begins investigating the case...

Episode 13


Jarndyce brings Mrs Rouncewell to her son, Sergeant George, and they're reunited in his cell...

Episode 14

Lady Dedlock

Esther tells Jarndyce about Richard and Ada's marriage...

Episode 15

Phil Davis as Smallweed

Richard’s obsession with Chancery has left him seriously ill…

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Behind the Scenes

Ada and Richard

Get the inside story on the show’s production.

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Charles Dickens Animation

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