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28 October 2014

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Drama Best of 2004
Celebrating the year in television drama.

Best Actor

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30 to 7:


David Jason [A Touch Of Frost, The Final Quest]

James Nesbitt [Murphy's Law, Passer By]

Alex Walkinshaw [The Bill]



Michael Kitchen [Foyle's War]

Lloyd Owen [Monarch Of The Glen]

James Redmond [Casualty]



Ian Kelsey [Down To Earth]

Hugh Quarshie [Holby City]



Chris Colquhoun [Casualty]

Jason Merrells [Cutting It]

Kiefer Sutherland [24]



Noah Huntley [Holby City]



Matthew Wait [Holby City]



Simon MacCorkindale [Casualty]

Mark Strong [The Long Firm]


15: David Tennant [Blackpool]


=13: Art Malik [Holby City]

Marc Warren [Hustle]


12: Paul Nicholls [A Thing Called Love]


11: Maxwell Caulfield [Casualty]


10: Peter Firth [Spooks]


9: Shane Richie [EastEnders]


8: Trevor Eve [Waking The Dead]


7: David Oyelowo [Spooks]


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=5: Nigel Harman
[EastEnders] (2.49%)

Your Comments

"Very emotional and believable. We love him to bits."
Ben and Daisy, Hull

Nigel Harman
Matthew Macfadyen =5: Matthew Macfadyen
[Spooks] (2.49%)

Your Comments

"The best actor we have seen on our screens for a long time. He was superb in Spooks and will be missed."
Karen Armer, Norfolk

4: Martin Shaw
[Judge John Deed] (3.04%)

Your Comments

"I can't think of any other actor who brings so much to each part he plays. As the Judge, we see so many aspects of the character - his strengths and committment to justice, his vulnerability over the woman he loves and yes, he does have his faults. Martin Shaw makes the Judge a real human being."
Sue Warren, England

"Thoughtful, sensitive actor with a wonderful sense of stillness, his ability to portray a myriad of emotions through those marvellously expressive eyes holds the attention every time. A national treasure."
Sue Pittard, Suffolk

Martin Shaw
Rupert Penry-Jones 3: Rupert Penry-Jones
[Spooks] (4.51%)

Your Comments

"Give him a good script and this actor can totally transform. Anger, menace, humour, pain - he is developing one of the more complex characters yet seen on television. He has also been able to win over a viewer determined to dislike his character's usurpation of a much loved previous character. Now that is a talent!"
Katie, York

"He was fantastic all year in Spooks and I just hope that he does not leave the series next year! He is fabulous - keep it going!"
Georgie, Leeds

"Spooks needed a great performance to compensate for the loss of three main characters, and Rupert delivered."
Kevin Fairbrother, Nottingham

2: David Morrissey
[Blackpool] (11.55%)

Your Comments

"How can you like such a wicked character as Ripley Holden? David Morrissey gave him life as a whole person, good and bad."
Elaine, Liverpool

"His singing/dancing was excellent. He was really good in State of Play last year, but this was a totally different role."
Jane Sowler, Leicester

"Ripley Holden was, quite simply, the best TV character of 2004 - perhaps the best character of the decade so far; practically every line he delivered was both hilarious and endlessly quotable. But none of this would have mattered if it wasn't for David Morrissey's brilliant performance - he managed to turn Ripley from a man who seemed loathsome and heartless to a character who was complex, funny, sympathetic and damned sexy to boot. I know this category will probably be won by a more traditionally popular actor, but the accolades really belong to Morrissey. If Ripley doesn't win him a BAFTA, there's no justice in the world."
Kim Knight, Leeds

"Can play any type of part and make it his own."
Ellen Hull, St. Helens

David Morrissey
Richard Armitage 1: Richard Armitage
[North & South] (53.00%)

Your Comments

"The man inhabited his role of Thornton on North and South like a second skin. A very skilled and moving performance, so much more than a "heart-throb in the making" - which I hope will NOT be the way this actor is to be marketed or pigeon-holed after playing such a compelling romantic lead."
Claire Hill, London

"Richard Armitage was superb in his portrayal of John Thorton in North and South. The way he was able to show how a person can go from being brutal in the first scene (beating up a worker) to the soft-hearted hero at the end was wonderful. The choice of casting was perfect!"
Joanne, Nottingham

"The emotional investment I made in North and South, is what made watching the programme so enthralling. I feel, this is largely a testament to the acting ability of Richard Armitage. He made Thornton believable and made you care about his fate. The intensity and range of emotion he conveyed was compelling - authority, ardour, desire his sense of rejection, desolation to tenderness, sympathy and the metamorphosis that comes when constrained passion is replaced by heartfelt joy. What a star!"
Heather, Northumberland

"The casting director of North and South made a coup in casting Richard Armitage in the lead role in North and South. He protrayed everything that was good in Elizabeth Gaskell's character of John Thornton. He gave us the right amount of strength, morality, emotion, feeling and business acumen, and with a look or a movement he was able to convey the passion within himself and still retain his strength and power. He is a natural in the vein of Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery and other actors like them. It's so fabulous to keep finding such excellent English talent as an example of excellence in the profession."
Gill Onslow, Midlands

"Richard Armitage's acting was brilliant, he was very like the fictional character, very subtle in parts and full of passion the next. Every line and movement was portrayed wonderfully and intense. I look forward to seeing Richard much more on TV in the future."
Terri, Essex

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