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Jenny Douglas: Over The Rainbow Dorothy

Jenny Douglas
Home Town
Dorothy Colour

Jenny has always loved to sing, but discovered she had a distinct voice at the age of around six or seven. She is currently halfway through her first year of acting classes and her first year of vocal training at college, following the Estill Voice Training Programme. She once had a singing lesson in New York with David Schaefer, saying "It was amazing, I discovered more about my voice in one hour than in my whole time of singing".

She performed in the travelling Keith Jack Tour, and also attended the Scottish Theatre and Music School. She aspires to be the kind of Dorothy who knows her own mind and isn't afraid to speak out. She would bring "100% individuality to the role".

Jenny is an only child and lives with her mum in Edinburgh, and she returns there every weekend from the halls of residence she lives in. Her father once sang on stage with Stevie Wonder.

Jenny's progress

Show 8

Jenny aimed to impress The Lord with a version of Send In The Clowns from the musical, A Little Night Music.

However she found herself in this week's double eviction sing off with Lauren performing Bridge Over Troubled Water for The Lord. It's a painful decision and he choose to save Lauren so she waves goodbye and sang Over The Rainbow for one final time.

It was musical week and the Dorothys came together for an electrifying version of Defying Gravity from the hit musical, Wicked. Their mission performance was Talk To The Animals.

Show 7

As part of Big Band week Jenny wanted to challenge John's previous comments with her version of Feeling Good. It worked, as John said, she had got her Mojo back.

She went on to use that Mojo in Don't Rain On My Parade and the Dorothy mash up of Well, Did You Evah, Get The Party Started and Wild Thang. She impressed the panel and escaped the sing off for another week.

Show 6

Last week John said that he 'didn't believe Jenny's performance'. She changed his mind with her heart felt version of Duffy's Warwick Avenue?

Group performances this week started with the Dorothys opening the show with a unique version of The Tinman's If I Only Had A Heart, from The Wizard of Oz. Jenny, Emilie, Stephanie and Lauren performed The Deadwood from Calamity Jane. Charlotte performed Enough is Enough (No More Tears) with the Dorothys and then they mashed up Lady Gaga and Fred Astaire with A Fine Romance, Bad Romance Just Dance and Paparazzi.

Show 5

The Lord told Jenny last week that 'her tuning was immaculate'. The impressive comments kept coming this week with her version of Why Do Fools Fall In Love?

Group peformances this week were Michael Jackson's Ease On Down The Road, taken from the film The Wiz and Buenos Aires, in heels. Mashed up was Losing My Mind from Follies, Crazy In Love by Beyonce and Crazy by Gnarls Barkley?

Show 4

Having been noted for her big powerful performances she tried something a little more gentle with a version of Eva Cassidy's Songbird.

The Dorothys got together this week for The Wizard of Oz classic, Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead, Judy Garland's Get Happy, Can't Stop The Beat from Hairspray and a mash up of Money and Madonna's Material Girl.

Show 3

Jenny impressed the panel and the public with her version of So What?

All the Dorothys came together for Merry Old Land of Oz and a mash up of Anything You Can Do and Broken Heels.

Show 2

See Emma, Steph, Jenny and Tegan in action as group Three performing Pixie Lot's Cry Me Out for their chart hit number and Somebody To Love from the musical We Will Rock You for their classic musical number.

Show 1

Selected to be in the final 20 Dorothys from thousands of auditions.

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