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13 November 2014

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Pete Townshend and Andy Breare

Andy Breare talks to Pete Townshend

Quintessential Quadrophenia

The Who's Pete Townshend talks about the first stage production of his album Quadrophenia which opens at Plymouth's Theatre Royal before embarking on a six-month national tour.

Pete Townshend says the stage version of the Who's 36-year-old rock opera Quadrophenia "has always been on the cards".

Townshend spoke to Spotlight's Andy Breare ahead of the show's opening in Plymouth on 9 May 2009 and you can watch the whole 15-minute interview from the link above.

"Adrian Vinken at the Theatre Royal here has been a fundamental driving force behind getting Quadrophenia on somewhere for five years," says Townshend.

Matthew North with Pete Townshend

BBC Spotlight's Matthew North with Pete

 "This is not traditional music theatre it's not even really like Tommy. We've taken lots of risks with this - it's much more of a company show."

So who does he think will expect to come and see it?

"The demographic I hope will be quite broad but I think absolutely that people of my age group and a little bit older will get a lot from it.

"What I hope is the audience will find themselves in the story.

"If you're a doctor in Torquay and you don't find yourself in the story I hope you find lots of your patients!"

Watch an exclusive 15-minute interview with Pete Townshend using the links on this page.

Theatre Royal Plymouth
9-16 May 2009
Tickets: £10 - £29.50
Box Office: 01752 267222

last updated: 08/05/2009 at 11:13
created: 07/05/2009

You are in: Devon > Arts and Culture > Arts Features > Quintessential Quadrophenia

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