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24 September 2014

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Tractor in Devon field

Typical Devon rural scene

Devon alphabet

A Radio Devon listener has recalled an old Westcountry souvenir which offers a unique version of the proper Devon alphabet.

Radio Devon's lunchtime phone-in programme recently featured a contribution from David, a listener originally from Fernworthy.

Nowadays he lives at Chesham in Buckinghamshire, but he was born and bred here in Devon.

While talking to Michael Chequer, he mentioned the Devon Alphabet, a verse taught to him as a boy.

His rendition prompted a huge number of calls from people keen to get a copy.

We are happy to oblige. You can also listen to the Devon Alphabet using the audio links on this page. 

A is for apple, red as a rawse (rose)
B is for bull, with a ring thru eese nawse (nose)
C is for cow, won't do'e no 'arm (harm)
D is for dumplin', down on th' varm (farm)
E is for evenin', at the end o' th' day
F - that's for frolics, with th' maids in th' 'ay (hay)
G is for granfer, with 'ees old bandy laigs (legs)
H is for 'ens, layin' their aigs (eggs)
I is for ivy, round th'old cottage door
J is for junket, do'e want any more
K is for kitchen, where us kapes all th' grub
L is for landlord, at th' old village pub
M is for moon, th' real 'arvest sort
N is for nuthin, that doant cost 'e nort (nought)
O is for 'osses, worrited by flies
P is for pigs, lyin' down in their sties
Q is for quaint, a westcountry vew (view)
R is for rawses, all covered with dew
S is for scrumpy, th' Devon man's liquor
T is for tractor, does th' job so much quicker
U is for useless, that's what they call Garge (George)
V is for varmer, th' 'ead chap in charge
W is for Widecombe, down on th' moor
X is for somethin, but I doant knaw what vor
Y is for yokel, a chap on th' land
Z is zummer, when th' countryside's grand.

last updated: 12/10/07

You are in: Devon > BBC Radio Devon > Behind The Scenes > Devon alphabet

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