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24 September 2014

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You are in: Devon > Features > Town dumps plastic bags

Modbury town centre

Modbury - a plastic bag-free zone

Town dumps plastic bags

Shopkeepers in the Devon town of Modbury are claiming a European first, by being entirely free of plastic bags. The idea has captured the imagination of communities across the UK who are now following suit.

Plastic bags have been consigned to the bin by traders in a Devon town in a bid to be more green.

All 43 shopkeepers in Modbury are taking part in the initiative, following a suggestion by a wildlife camerawoman who lives in the town.

Rebecca Hosking was moved to tears as she filmed marine life off Hawaii for the BBC2 programme, Natural World (you can watch some of the film using the link on this page).

"What really brought it home for me was one day filming a turtle," she said.

Rebecca Hosking

Rebecca says she just wanted to do her bit

"It had a plastic bag in its mouth and was slowly dying, there was nothing we could do.

"We were also filming albatross who were picking up plastic and feeding it to their chicks and we saw so many suffer a slow and painful death.

"I turned the camera off and just broke down crying.

"We see pretty grim things all the time, but this was man-made and it bugged me and I wanted to do something about it."

When Rebecca, 33, returned home to Modbury, she set out on a mission to turn the town plastic-bag-free and managed to convince each and every trader to get on board.

Now, towns across the UK and around the world are keen to follow Modbury's example - with at least 18 communities looking to follow suit. 

"We never thought it would take off like this," Rebecca told BBC Devon. "I just wanted to do my bit for the environment, but it's just gone crazy.

"It's shown that local communities can really make a difference. The number of places wanting to take up the idea is growing every week - from Brighton to the Isle of Arran.

"I know of 18 places across the UK that are working up similar ideas including two London boroughs.

A bird surrounded by rubbish

Birds are being killed by discarded rubbish

"Even the Government is now talking about introducing a 10p tax on plastic bags.

"This was a really big thing for the shops to take up - it's their business, after all.

"Now, the butchers and delicatessen are coming up with other biodegradable things, like pots to put olives and sun-dried tomatoes in, and to wrap meat up in.

"This was supposed to be a six month trial, but the butchers are already talking about getting cornstarch bags which are big enough for the turkeys at Christmas."

It's not just the small, independent traders who have embraced the initiative - the town's Co-op has also joined in. On a busy day, the store could use 500 to 1,000 plastic bags, but those days are now gone.

Tim Pearce, from Plymouth and South West Co-op, said: "We're really pleased to get behind this. It was an initiative which was started by local traders. They asked us to get involved and were delighted to do so."

The store also donated re-usable, fairtrade cotton bags which were delivered to each of Modbury's 760 households in time for the plastic bag ban, which came in on 1 May 2007.

In addition, Rod Baker from Torpoint in Cornwall has supplied nearly 2,000 large reusable cotton and jute Bags2Keep to retailers.

A plastic bag amnesty bin

An amnesty bin for plastic bags

The reusable bags are imported from a small factory in Mumbai and printed in the UK using water-based organic ink.

"I was a bit of a doubting Thomas that it would come together," he said. "But all credit to Rebecca - she was so strong willed and determined.

"To get a group of independently minded people to come together for a single purpose is no mean feat."

Plastic bag amnesty bins are dotted around Modbury, and those collected will be put to good use - in being recycled for furniture made entirely out of plastic waste.

The story has really captured the public's imagination, and Modbury has been inundated by the world's media.

Rebecca's phone has also been red hot: "Other towns are saying 'will Rebecca bring her film to our town.'

"But I think the reason this has worked in Modbury is because I am local and people know me.

"If other towns are to do this, the message has to come from someone who lives in the local community.

"But it's absolutely amazing what we've started here."

Watch some of Rebecca's film using the link on this page. There is also a link to the Modbury - Plastic Bag Free Town website.

If you want more information then visit

last updated: 02/11/07

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Rebecca Hosking in Modbury
Dear all thank you for all for your very kind words, I'm blown away....Just to say if you would like to learn more please log onto two websites that we have made and On this site there is the address for anyone wanting a free DVD of the film.My very best wishes and yes please do try this in your town can do it!!!!:)Rebecca

Rosemary Cross
Great stuff Rebecca. Hope you read this as I'd like to ask if you might speak at a conference and don't know how to get in touch with you. Help please.

Tony Langham. Mr
Now look what you've done!Visit us at

I agree

Jacky Joynson
I saw Rebecca in modbury co-op tonight (fri 20 feb 09) and then on the tv at 8pm there she is again on BBC 2

john r, welwyn
It think that woman need to think sideways a bit more – shampoo bottles are the same as plastic water bottles – into the same bank as milk bottles. Plastic carrier bags – the same as bread bags, magazine covers, the same – into the supermarket bag thingys. Councils should take more resposibility for the stiff plastic used to pack ink cartridges, computer bits etc this is not easily recyclable as far as I know The only real pain is card, bulky, inconvenient and energy hungry and heavy on resources i.e. trees. I know you can put it on the garden but this will only take so much before we have a garden higher than the house!



Simon Eng
I have read the newspaper story and the National Geographyic Society broadcast. I am very moved by what Rebecca has done. I shared her story with my coworkers in my office. I hope they will be a leader in thier own circle to spread this movement. Thank you Rebecca!

Laura Longstaff
I agree with Rebecca and others--we need to get rid of plastic bags. Not only plastic bags, but all things plastic. I am gradually changing out all things at home that are plastic, and refusing to allow my family to buy more plastics. We keep cloth bags in both of our cars, so no matter where we shop, we have our own bags to use. We even use them to carry beer home from the store!

Mahnaz. Farahani
Great Job Rebecca!I wish you could come to one of popular American show on TV and spread the word around in US.

chris Luginbuhl
I read the article this morning in the Hartford Courant of Rebecca's work.In 1982 I did a press release with the Associated press on plastics killing Leatherback Sea Turtles. The turtles mistaking the plastic for the jellyfish in their diet. My hat is off to Rebecca. May the lord add his blessings to the fine work she is doing,Chris

chloe whitehead
plastic bags need to be banned because they are ruining our environment and they are killing and poisoning animals. people are not bothered about are enviroment and life. why do we send are waste to poor families like in india, africa,japan and china they have to be treated the way we are treated and should have more money like richer families like us but i say that plastic bags should be band for life and ues a bag for life because they are stronger than the plastic ones we get now because

gemma randle
why do we use plastic bags they just mess are country. you sould ban bags becoz they are hurting animals and us and the other countries are using are dirty plastic bags. so stop using plastic and use a bag for life. People are not bothered about that we have wasted our plastic bags and using them.

Shelly Nuth
Sometimes it takes one person's passion, committment and drive to inspire millions, I am optimistic that this, is one of those times.

Graham Cliff
Rebecca's campaign, although very welcome, is just another "token" campaign by all of us campaigners? How about us getting together and making more politicians wake up to Sense About Science? I campaign about LP and the "hidden" harm done by the 24 hour day killing off Life On Earth. Will you folk be part of Earth Hour? I will. Graham Cliff, CfDS LO, Greater Manchester.

Edward Kellow, LEAD International
Rebecca, You are great role model and we'd love to talk to you about our leadership and climate change training programme in London in June 2008. I don't know how else to contact you, sorry!

Reply from BBC host: Hi Edward. You can contact Rebecca via the Modbury Chamber of Trade website.

Darren Walshaw
Whats the alternativeA paper bag is no more enviromentally friendly than a plastic bag.We still need nappy sacks and refuse sacks made from plastic so this usage will increase.Also the Jute bag which are made in India is laminated inside with none degradable plastic? So how does that make it sound enviromentally friendly? We will need approx 6 times more storage and transport to distribute paper bags than plastic and the costs will soarThousand of animals die everyday due to humans.Why not educate people rather than persecute them

Robyn Kimber
Where can I get hold of the DVD - I want to watch it?If you know please tell me at

Hi Sarah I'm also trying to get the same startd on Gloucester rd, it would be great if we could help eachother.

Reply from BBC Devon host: Hi Amy, I'm sorry but we have had to take out your email address. However, I hope you manage to meet up with Sarah in Gloucester Road!

Sarah Thomson
I think what Rebecca has done is amazing and I really admire her dedication and perseverance. I am trying to help a local group in Bristol to encourage the shoppers and retailers on the Gloucester Road to make it a plastic bag-free zone. We have been motivated by the Modbury success.

well the same didn't happen here in Modbury this christmas, and the cornstarch worked just fine!

vaila cochrane
I doubt the cornstarch bags will do for the turkeys. The damp in them soggs the bags and they will fall through.. I have watched it happen in an organic shop

We want to ban plastic bags in Barnet and Finchley as well!Barnet and Enfield friends of the Earth

Matilda Shepherd
I would like to see the whole of the uk garbage bag free!!! xD

gwen Simpson
I would like to see the whole of the UK plastic bag free, Rebecca is wonder woman I would like to be able to carry on what she has started

Maxwell Eden
I have started my campaign for Wilmslow in cheshire to be plastic free on february 2nd 2008.At present I have eco-friendly bags being made and the website is also coming along,Modbury is an inspiration to all of us!

I had just read about this story. Amazing. She has done a wonderful job. It is for all of us to follow suite

Thats just awesome :). The only question I have is what does the town use for garbage bags? Or don't they?

this is so cool; where might i purchase some/?

Brian Grad
I absolutely applaud what she is doing. I am going to look into bringing this up at a village meeting and see where it goes.Our family recycles just about every piece of plastic we get and too much of that is plastic bags.We now shop with reusable bags and feel much better about our contribution to the environment.Way to go Rebecca!!Cheers,Brian GradGlenview, Illinois USA

Angela Warwick, Lostwithiel.
We in Lostwithiel have recently become a Transition Town and one of the inititives we hope to launch in January is a Plastic Bag Free Town. We would very much like to show the BBC film "Message in the Waves" to help convince people. We are having problems finding a copy and wondered if anyone had we could borrow. Good Work Modbury.

Reply from BBC host: We understand bona fide community groups who want to show the film can contact Jo Avery at the Natural History Unit:

Joanna Welsh
So inspired was I by your actions Rebecca that I have started a campaign on FACEBOOK to make my town of Bournemouth bag free. Well done and Thanks

elaine watson
WHat an achievement!! Many many congratulations. Your film is a masterpiece..every school in the Uk should see it! Thank you!!

really goodbut how iam going to do this in my village where illiteracy is more.god may help you to move forward,"never give it up"

Jane Chittenden
Hats off to you, Rebecca. Thank you so much for giving a way forward. This is a fantastic initiative. I've just read about it in the Guardian and I intend to lobby in my own city of Norwich. The key thing is to offer retailers and market traders an acceptable alternative. How can I get started?

Reply from BBC host: You can find lots of information on how to start your own campaign from the 'Modbury Plastic Bags Free' website linked from this page.

David Fitton
Do they use plasticisers in corn-starch based plastics?

I will pass this on to people in Israel where I live. We don't think about it enough. Thank you Rebecca.

Michelle Ellel
I run a small craft business recycling fabric and have made small shopping bags for a while. I love this campain. In answer to Irene Duffet, people could make cloth or paper bags instead. I am going to try and get the charity shop I work for to sell cloth bags ( getting rid of plastic) and hope to get them made at our project in Romania. Small people power is great.

Cllr. Lady Atkins
As a Town Councillor I am bringing this up tomorrow at our Town Council Meeting. Since we were the First Fair Trade Town in thr UK we should be able to do this.After this I am going to put a motion down for the Borough Council.Best wishes.

Faith Popcorn
This is a story that will influence the planet to do the same.Gratitude

ALL plastic bags should be banned although what happens to people's jobs that make them etc?

Di Hoeksma
Fantastic idea. I am putting a motion to Hertsmere Borough Council tomorrow on this issue.

You go, girl! We've had a tax on plastic bags here in Ireland for a few years and the usage rates have plummeted. People were so behind it that the culture changed overnight. Now, when you go to the Supermarket you see nearly all bringing re-useable bags with them. You don't see ditches with plastic bags in them or fluttering in the breeze.

Pam Thomson
Well done \rebeccaI hope molre of us do the same and ban the plastics and plastic bags.We can all jsut get retrained to take our own bags and buy just what we need from the shops.

Rosie P Irvine (Rosemary Sandey)
I was in Canberra (where you are not randomly given plastic bags)Australia with my daughter on 1st May 2007"celebrating" my 60th birthday but returned to Modbury last week on holiday. My parents owned Manor House on Palm Green when I was 15 and I still call Modbury home. I was delighted to see the non-plastic bag scheme and bought 2 jute bags, one for myself and one for my sister Sally-Ann who was married in Modbury Church over 40 years ago.

Lauri Pastrone
Rebecca inspires me and others. Let's all do our part. I will send this to members of the community in Kentish Town.Lauri Pastrone

Richard JC English
What a brilliant thing to do. We in our family always refuse plastic bags as we carry "green" bags at all times.I have sent this link to 60 people, lets hope the anti-plastic bag movement grows!

Hello, I heard the feature on the radio yesterday and think it is a fantastic move. If people are banned from using plastic bags they will find other ways of getting there shopping home. As Tony Brown says(person commenting below) "Bring back the trolley bag!". We sell trolley bags but not horrible tartan ones, trendy and glamourous ones and we are selling loads- just goes to show people will try to not use carrier bags if given alternative ways of getting there shopping home. done Rebecca

Cyd Goddard
I spoke to an assistant manager at the Totnes branch of Morrison's supermarket about introducing bio-degradable carrier bags in the store. His reply to me was that Morrisons are doing their best to encourage the recycling of them, then added, "they are also handy to line waste bins at home," But when I pointed out that these would eventually end up on a land-fill site,and explained the harm they were causing to our wildlife and to the environment in genral, he replied,"I don't like the turtle as an animal but I do like turtle soup". With that kind of attutude, how ever are we going to preserve our planet?

I think this is good idea. at the moment i am in a science class doing a project about plastic bags and polymers. This is a good thing to do because polyethene not ethane, ethene does not go away at all this is BAD.

Peter R. Bowers
Hi Rebecca. Read your article in Reader's Digest. How sad it is that we humans have gone plastic mad.Our supermarket here in the northeast has one of the worst records for plastic bag vandalism.How canI persuade them to be more responsible? Best wishes. P.Bowers

Edward Steen ( journalist)
I am so impressed by what you have done, and want to help in any way I can. For some time I have been trying to persuade large environmental organisations (eg WWF) to take this up, and am mystified by their reluctance. A private member's bill in Scotland was also pushed off the road before it could be debated. Can the plastics lobby be so strong? I edit the opinion page of the European Voice, part of the London Economist group, and would love to run an article by you on this. Would you have time/ be prepared to do this? My tel no is 00 32 478 530006 or write to me on Best to you,ES

veronique Saunier
I am an environment activist in China (Shanghai).I woud like to get a copy of the BBC movie so that I can show it here and convince people to stop using plastic bags. I am ready to pay the IP costs that it may involve. PLease let me know how I can get a copy.

Reply from BBC host: We understand bona fide community groups who want to show the film can contact Jo Avery at the Natural History Unit:

Alison Stadman
Hi Rebecca..Well done! You are fantastic. I believe we are all drowning in a sea of plastic. Not just bags but everything made of the stuff. You have helped start the trend against the plstic bag. I am saddened every time I visit a supermarket to see the number of people still using plastic bags. Even given to carry one item or a newspaper! The supermarkets must take more initiative. Awareness is everything. I am trying to do my bit. Big thanks to you and now the campaign has taken off....let's hope we see a plastic bag ban everywhere. My Mum never used them and survived. We're all lazy and don't know or care about the poor creatures we are killing. Thanks again. Alison.

tara copps
this is great i wish our town would be like this

Beryl Bartter
I'm very impressed and want to know more to put to our Soroptimist Club.

Helen Guyon
We are opening a wholefood shop in Llangollen and will not be using plasitic carrier bags, do the retailers in Modbury use corn starch carrier bags?

Alex Beaton
Rebecca, we at the Atlantic Whale Foundation think this is an amazing story and would like to contact you to appear on our website as an Earth Ambassador. Unfortunately we cannot find your email. We are looking for individuals who can really make a difference and inspire others to do the same. There is more information on our website (, and this would not require any work for you. If you (or someone else) could provide me with an email address then that would be very much appreciated because our charity are very keen to contact you.Cheers!Alex (from Exeter)

Reply from BBC host: Hi Alex. You can contact Rebecca via the Modbury Chamber of Trade e-mail:

irene denise double
Really pleased this is happening in Hebden Bridge now too, I've used re-usable bags and a rucksack for my shopping for years now, it's just pure laziness that makes people use plastic bags, after all our Mothers and Grandmothers never had them did they? Hope this initiative spreads throughout the UK. Well done.;-)

claire king
im a zoo keeper and staunch enviromentalist !!! .. excellent !!! LETS HOPE THE REST OF THE UK WILL FOLLOW ON ..theres something to ad to a manifesto in an election :-)

great work, Rebecca!Dear BBC, could you pls let us know how and where we can get a copy of the film/programme?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Jane. We understand bona fide community groups who want to show the film can contact Jo Avery at the Natural History Unit:

Jane Hosking in Tavistock, Devon
no relation honest! I think it's great what Rebecca has done. I've been making my own cotton bags to go shopping with, they don't take long to make. Just re-use material you don't need. I hope Tavistock will be joining Modbury soon and we can start to make Devon a plastic bag free county.

John Peterson
I have allways used the same bag to collect my shopping, she's getting old now and I will marry a younger one hopfully, very soon

Pip Richards-The Sustainable Trust
We too would like to expand this idea into Cornwall. A copy of the video/DVD would be a great start. Pictures speak louder than words. Thanks for your good work.

I think that is great idea about the plastic bag ban and i hope that here in thanet that we will soon follow. I think that it is terrible what is happening around the world, especially Hawaii, because of plastic bags.

Kat Birch
Just to let you know HEBDEN BRIDGE, West Yorkshire is going plastic bag free! Sunday 24 June will see Hebden Bridge’s first step to go plasticbagfree. The Hebden Bridge campaign will be advising residents to keep their old bags to use to sort items in their Kerbside Recycling boxes.

josh rathbone
as a resident of modbury I'am very proud of rebecca for both putting us on the map, and in such a fantastic way with such sound ethics, I think the whole of england has a lot to learn from what we've done here

Robin Cowpertwait
Hi Rebecca,Really admire what you have done in Modbury - now for the rest of the world! It's amazing looking through these comments - you've achieved so much. Will be trying to get a copy of the film to show at our local film society (that's just being set up!). Best wishes, Robin from Teignmouth.

Sonora Jayne
I was touched by the programme Natural World last night. I regularly clean up the beach near my house - and also find lighters and plastics such as yourself. I can't commend you enough for what you are doing. Thanks so much.Best Wishes,Sonora.

anne Wheelhouse
Three cheers for such a wonderful initiative - why women gave up carrying baskets is quite beyond me!

Jesse from Los Angeles
I hope that Modbury has sparked a revolution. For more enlightenment about the harmful affects of plastic waste view: Synthetic Sea. at

I am so pleased that people are taking this subject seriously enough to STOP GIVING AWAY PLASTIC BAGS!!!!! The idea of the cotton jute bags is great - they fit in your handbag (unlike some of the other 'bags for life' which i have to keep in the boot of my car).I hope more people take the initiative and we can go plastic bag free like France.

Jill Gordon
We would very much like Rebecca to come and give a seminar at our University but so far have not been able to contact her. Is it possible for me to have Rebecca's e-mail address. We are a large campus community with large towns close by that we interact with and we would welcome Rebecca's input to incentivize this initiative.

Ernst H. Schoernig
As a principle: plastic carrier bags are BETTER for the environment than brown paper bags and even superior to biodegradable one. They cost less money, bless energy and emit less "dirt" and are better in use and incinerated as garbage.But what to do with people who do no mind about princles. So you got to solve the litter problem. And there Ms. Hosking jumps too short. What is good and feasible and can be organised in Modbury won't work worldwide if you only hit only the material and not the mind of the people. A littered pedestrian area full torn paper bags and broken glass is as nasty as one also with torn plasic bags on the pavement. So first to solve the litter problem. And biodegradationdoes not solve the litter problem. Secondly: converting carrier bags to furniture is only a "nice to have" ... Converting those bags into energy is what really works - and really helps.And I would like to know how the world's merchant and fishing navy deals with garbage. Problably not like the US Natonal Park slogan "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints".

Kim Draine
well done,how can I help in any way?FROM chelmsford ESSEX

Eric Williams.
Hi People.I have just seen the documentary “Message in the Waves”on the plastic waste that goes into the sea and I think these sort of facts should be shown not only to the few people who watch these programs but to every one in some way or another. I am trying to get our local council get a proper plastic collection and recycling program going rather than the half hearted way they are going about it at the moment. I am asking for some one out there to get a message to Rebecca Hosking to contact me as I want to use some of her film to get the message across to as many people possible and I am having problems finding a way to contact her. My email address is And in answer to the question I think that she is an inspiration to us all. So come on every one take a good look at yourself and see what you can do to help reduce the use of plastic and the way we dispose of what we have.Reduce.Reuse.Recycle.Together we can make a difference.

Jim Dempsey
The problem doesn't seem to be the plastic bags themselves but people who throw them away. Reuse and recycle. But great for Modbury to highlight the problems. thanks.

Well Done Becks! Living in Munich for 6 years I have used very few plastic bags as we have a cotton bag and reuse/recycle culture. Now I am in St Petersburg, Russia I have to chuck everything out - the word environment does not exist here. I constantly say no to plastic bags. But this is even better. If Modbury can do it, everyone can. It's just a matter of training. Makes me proud to say I'm from Modbury.

Hazel Dene
Inspired by this, I would like to get a similar initiative going in my village in East Sussex

Paul Brooks
The supermarkets are trying to outdo each other with the plastic bags but is this really the largest element of waste. Sure it is part of the picture and anybody who has seen the BBC's Natural World programme on Hawaii, as I did last night, cannot fail to be moved to action in the their own way at least. I agree with the taxing of plastic. Any that is not biodegradeable should suffer the same escalating tax applied to land fill in the UK. That gives people plenty of time to change processes and us to change our habits.

Daphne Lewis, Lancashire
Congratulations! Needed to be done. Am sending off for a couple.

Jane Alexander
Congratulations to you all in Modbury,especially to Rebecca Hosking for instigating your anti-plastic Project. If only the rest of the world could wake in SPAIN the lack of awareness is tragic. What can be done to raise awareness ?

I would like to start such campaign in my town.How can I get help from Rebecca Hosking?

Excellent. When will the Uk & rest of the world tax away plastic bags?

Jayne S
I live in a village in rural N.B Canada and we too use a lot of plastic locally and at our bigger supermarkets.This is an initiative that goes beyond borders and should be adopted by all of us in a movement to do our bit for the environment.Well done!

Jemma Murphy age 10
dear rebbecka , I think it must have been horrific to experience such a tragic moment and i think that u are amazing to be able to convince the whole of modbury to ditch plastic bags like that. that is why i am going to do my bit in not using plastic-bags. good luck!!and i hope that soon the whole of SCOTLAND will be a better place!!! xx

Mark reeves age 11
I think this is a good idea and it should incourage more people to recycle.Because no one thinks about the animals suffering

Vivien Mitchell
Brilliant. I do what I can to get Monmouth to follow suite. Well done Rebecca!

safe saaaafewell done. bring it to Stroud!!!!!!!!

Will Stockland
Brilliant - it is a very straightforward means of achieving a lot. If a lot of people do lots of little good things, great things can be achieved. Well done.

Suki Bryson
Well done to Rebecca! That is a fantastic acomplishment you must be so proud!I think maybe the BBC needs to do a FULL length documentary on this on telly to try and help encourage other people to do the same. Perhaps maybe using the internet, groups of likeminded people in areas could get their heads together and start a mini revolution in their town. I'd love to be part of something like that here in Milton Keynes, but I don't think I could tackle it alone.

Annie Roberts
When I watched Rebecca Hoskings film last week, I wept and felt ashamed to be a human being - what have we done to our planet and the creatures and plants that co-habit with us. We have betrayed the trust that was placed with us as stewards of the land. I would like to do something in my village - is it possible for the BBC to release a copy of the film - everyone I spoke to after 2nd May had not seen the film. I would like to make it available to everyone in my community - at a Village Hall gathering. Would someone please contact me as to the feasibility of that happening. I really think this is Rebecca, we have to start at the grass roots....and put right what we have collectively done wrong.Thank you. And Thank You Rebecca Hosking - I cried with you...Annie Roberts, Devoran, Cornwall.

Dawn Stephens
I would like to bring this idea to Wantage where we live. Is there any chance of getting Rebecca to come and talk to our Chamber of Commerce or Breakfast Club? I would do all I could to encourage this market town to take up the same stance. Well done Rebecca...What a horror story!

Kim Jones
The world needs people like Rebecca. We all sit back and applaude, but what we all need to do is our "bit" and recycle, no more plastic bags.... We can all make a stand, and make the change. These wonderful creatures need us now, so as of tomorrow, I'm re-educating me, my family, friends. Thank you Rebecca.

Katrina Power
Brilliant but could it work in a bigger town, like Norwich. At the moment i'm living in Sicily, and the local supermarket gave away Long life shopping bags at christmas. sadly I am the only one i have seen ever using it or reusing a plastic bag.

Sirs,I live in Thailand where all forms of polution persist. It needs someone of Rebecca's ilk to try something here. If she, or anybody else, knows of a sensible organisation in Thailand I would love to here of it.

Bridget Kirke
Fantastic news. Well done Modbury. As an ex Modbury shopkeeper (shop now called Ringrose)I know how the town can pull together and make a difference. Well done everyone. To anyone who has never been to Modbury .... go .... you'll discover a real sense of community in this town with the friendliest shopkeepers. Here's hoping some other towns and the big supermarkets follow suit.

Stuart Pearson
The concept of 'no plastic bags' has been adopted by The Government of Bangladesh some years ago, and it works, the cleanup of streets was a great improvement! Still some way to go but what a start and it did help the jute industry as they produced the replacement bags. This is not the only step taken by the Government in Dhaka, the planting of trees along the roadsides some years ago and recently the planting of millions of coconut trees was in hand when I left last year and it works. WELL DONE BANGLADESH!

trudi bryson
absolutely fantastic! please can she bring the film to ashburton devon!!! i'd love to see an initiative like that here....well done for having the determination to see it through and to the traders for having the forsight to make a difference!

Helen Wilkinson
Well done Rebecca. It is great that you have brought this to the world's notice and even better that you got plastic bags banned in Modbury. Hope other towns follow.

Kate Harrison
well done Modbury. I always take my trusty string 'turtle bags' to the shops and turn down the offer of plastic bags.

Damian, London
Plastic bags have been charged for in Ireland for the past few years. The improvement in the rivers and sea areas has been incredible. Well done on highlighting this issue and on the film.

claire serpell
I think Rebecca has done exactly what needs to be done, brought the global message home and local! As consumers we need to wake up and make changes! Thanks Rebecca.

kate jenkins
FANTASTIC....Would love to give this a try in the village where I live. Just need to find out how to get started. Well done Rebecca

Jill Sutton, BagAge
Rebecca is not just a credit to Devon but the whole country. Let's hope that this will be the start of a sea change (excuse the pun) in public opinion and action. I for one have been campaigning to 'say no to plastic bags' for sometime. Rebecca has shown that it is possible to make it happen. Well done!

Pauline Randall
I think it's brilliant. I just want to keep this moment and put it in a box!

Julia, Southampton
Rebecca, thank you! you've kick-started a wonderful idea that I hope will circle the globe. You've shown that every one of us can do something to help. So all you good people out there, go into your local shops NOW, show them what Rebecca has done in Modbury, ask them to do the same! I'm going to start with my local Co-op! I watched the Hawaii programme last night. I was in tears. The images will never leave my mind.

Hello. Ever since I've moved to Boston, Massachusetts I've been interested in reducing garbage, and especially plastic bags. Rebecca's story is highly inspiring. How can I purchase a copy of this video. Does she have any suggestions as to how to go about doing something similar here? What are the contacts for the alternative material bags her town is using? Thank you!!!

Well done, Rebecca, you are a credit to Devon.

Mollie from Epsom Surrey
I think it's a wonder thing she has done and when I come down to South Brent I will go to Modbery and get myself some of the bags.

Tony Brown
It's a great idea and I can't understand how anyone can dissaprove. Turtles can not tell if a jellyfish has Tescos scrawled all over it. Why did it take a small community to kick this off and not a government initiative ? Bring back the tartan shopping trolley !

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