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24 September 2014

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You are in: Devon > Places > Walks > Hartland Quay to Hartland Point

Hartland Point lighthouse

The lighthouse at Hartland Point

Hartland Quay to Hartland Point

This three mile mile walk along the South West Coast Path affords some of the best views in the region.

The walk from Hartland Quay to Hartland Point isn't the easiest - there are lots of undulations - but if you do it on a fine day, you'll be glad you made the effort!

The North Devon coast is hugely dramatic - in fact, the camera hardly does it justice.

The stretch of South West Coast Path between Hartland Quay and Hartland Point is breathtaking - there's no other word for it.

A beach at Hartland Quay

A beach at Hartland Quay

And the coves and cliff formations manage to be both beautiful and dramatic all at the same time.

The three mile walk itself is quite tough. The path is full of ups and downs - and some of them are very steep. Starting at Hartland Quay, where there are car parks, the coast path northwards to Hartland Point is clearly marked.

Don't be fooled by the start of the walk here - a lovely flat field! This is the last you'll see of such easy terrain.

In this field at Warren Cliff, you'll encounter the ruins of an old tower which looks completely incongruous.

Rolled-up hay

The coast path is very picturesque

Then it's downhilll, uphill, downhill, uphill pretty much all the way.

But it's this which helps to make the walk such fun.

The views are stunning, whichever way you look - up or down the coast.

And on a sunny day, the sea looks out of this world.

You also get to walk through some lovely green valleys with views up to the village of Stoke at the top.

The coastline near Hartland Quay

The coast between Hartland Quay and Hartland Point

Towards the end of the walk, you'll see the eye-catching lighthouse at Hartland.

And all the way along this stretch of path, you can see Lundy in the distance.

It's best viewed from Hartland Point right at the end of the walk.

You'll need to wear walking boots for this walk, and the path can be a bit awkward when very dry. During wet weather, it can be a bit soggy!

If you want to do the walk the other way around - from Hartland Point to Hartland Quay - you can do that as well because there is a car park at Hartland Point.

You could have a car at each end, or, of course, you could do the return walk!

The Quay to Point walk takes between 90 minutes and two hours, depending on pace and stops. You need to be reasonably fit.

Hartland Quay to Hartland Point:

Distance: Three miles.

Duration: 90 minutes.

Rating: Quite tough, lots of undulations.

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created: 26/09/2006

You are in: Devon > Places > Walks > Hartland Quay to Hartland Point

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