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27 November 2014
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Friday 23rd July 2004
There's gonna be a toedown!
Toe wrestling contest
Sizing each other up
tiny So we were knocked out of Euro 2004 AND Wimbledon (surprise surprise). But... did you know that En-ger-land are the current Champions of Toe Wrestling?!

The championships are being held in Derbyshire.
The world toe-wrestling championships are heading to West Derbyshire this weekend - AND we have a fair chance to win again this year in both the male and female Championships!


Ben & Jerry's World Toe Wrestling Championship 2004 is situated smack bang in the middle of one of the most exciting sporting calendars of recent years.

Toe-wrestling facts:
Alan 'Nasty' Nash has won the title for the men's event in five separate non-consecutive years, making him the most successful toe wrestler in the World.
In 1997 a bid was made for Olympic recognition. Rejected on the basis that the committee couldn't decide if it was a winter or summer Olympic sport.
Karen 'Kamikaze' Davies has won the event four times making her the most successful female competitor ever in the history of the sport.
Celebrity contestants have included Phil Tufnell and Ralf Little.
That is: 20 days after Euro 2004 in Portugal and 20 days before the Olympics begin in Athens.

So if you aren't lucky (or talented!) enough to have been chosen to represent the UK this year, it doesn't mean that you have missed out entirely on representing your Country this summer!

The event is taking place at the Bentley Brook Inn, Ashbourne, Derbyshire on 24 July.

Men and women will compete to prove they have the toughest toes in town, to cries of "Toedown!" from the hopefully excitable crowd.

Toe wrestling is a bit like arm wrestling with feet.

There are two people in each bout and each is the best of three.

The contestants start by locking right toes, then left, then right again.

Toe wrestling began in 1976 when regulars at the Ye Olde Royal oak Inn, in Wetton, set about searching for a game that the British could win.

Toe wrestling contest
Look at the agony!
With a lack of any talent in existing sports, a decision was made to invent a new one.

And so it began… with contestants raising their feet onto bar stools to contend.

The Brits ruled... until 1977, when a regular brought along his Canadian friend who proceeded to beat the British Champion. Doh!

Later, in 1990 the new landlord of the pub, George Burgess, discovered the rules and resurrected the sport.

Toe inspections take place at each event. Contestants must have their toes thoroughly examined and passed by a qualified nurse before being given clearance to compete.

There will be a BBQ and music amongst the toe inspections and friendly banter.

And, as always, there will be free ice cream for all who come along and get involved.

All cash-money raised at the events is being donated to the local East Midlands charity, When You Wish upon A Star.
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