The rise of the ‘mobile connoisseur’
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(Credit: Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images)
Young art collectors are increasingly using social media to make their deals. Linda Kennedy looks at what it takes to be a connoisseur today.
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“A report on 2017 art trends predicts the connoisseur collector is a dying breed,” says Linda Kennedy in this video from Art Basel Hong Kong. “Once men and women of leisure, now they’re more likely to be hedge fund managers wanting fast fine art and sculpture to go.”

She talks to gallerist Pascal de Sarthe about how to be a connoisseur collector – and gets tips on observing details in artworks from Angelika Li, director of a Hong Kong cultural institute that interprets art and its meaning for the community.

Kennedy also looks at how a new generation are getting ‘art smart’ on social media. Culture writer Vivienne Chow tells her: “It helps building knowledge, and it’s much less intimidating than going into a gallery.”

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